2 Crucial Advantages of Using Legal Video

Court reporters don’t usually moonlight as actors. Judges also don’t necessarily care for theatrics when court reporters are asked to read back portions of the transcript to the jury. That’s why something as dramatic as a question like, “Is it standard protocol not to report inmates’ injuries?” can sound as boring as if you’re reading from a tax return.

Stenographers aren’t paid for their ability to read with feeling. They need to impart information as accurately as possible. Sometimes the sentiment is lost in translation.

Show that transcript as a video, however, and you will see someone squirming in his chair during questioning. You would see all of his facial expressions, his sweat, his breathing pattern, his posture. Body language says so much that we take for granted.

Attorneys need to use that body language to their advantage. Using video to convey what a transcript cannot is nearly always a good idea.

Additionally, video depositions can minimize costs. It’s a wonderful compromise for out-of-state individuals that need interviewing and are critical to the case. Instead of schlepping out there with a court reporter and coordinating with opposing counsel, you can arrange to take a deposition by video tape instead.

Orange Legal understands that body language can win cases. Subtle cues of discomfort can change the outcome of a trial. Transcripts don’t convey emotion, disbelief, or increases in voice volume.

See the witnesses for who they are

Orange Legal has more than just “head in the box” videos. With “Picture in Picture” technology, jurors will see exhibits and the witness simultaneously. The video is never cut, so the integrity of the exhibit is maintained. Additionally, Orange Legal has “Day in the Life” videos. These heart-wrenching movies show jurors exactly what a plaintiff has had to suffer through — taking them on a journey through their difficulties in a way that simply reading about it cannot illustrate.

If you are ready to get the camera rolling, contact Orange Legal today!