Litigation Support

3 Ways Orange Online Revolutionizes Litigation Support

Litigation SupportThat headline about Orange Online is true. Let’s explain why.

Orange Online is a convenient portal for anything court reporting or legal-services related. How great is it to know that your records are safe in this secure online repository, yet are accessible from anywhere with Wi-Fi? Orange Legal clients can read their transcripts, examine exhibits, download invoices and view a calendar whenever, wherever.

Transcripts Acquired More Easily

You can order any transcript you need directly through the OO system. Everything necessary for a trial is held in one place. For example, your transcript order will include things like a copy of the original transcript, a condensed version and all related exhibits hyperlinked in PDF format. No longer will you need to take up desk space with bulky files; now you’ll have a clean set of tabs on your internet browser that have PDF links for you to peruse at your leisure. Your physical desk will be reserved for snacks and coffee — as well it should.

Calendars Done Better

Coordinating with opposing parties has never been easier. Orange Online simplifies what once took many steps and dragged clients in different directions. The calendar shows every pending case you have, including all connected transcripts and exhibits. This calendar takes so much of the hassle out of the equation. (Attorneys, speaking to you now — you know how long it takes to put all that stuff together. Think of how much time you’ll save!) Clients get the most up-to-the-minute information available and can order needed transcripts. Additionally, they can narrow search parameters by name, date, witness or by the ordering attorney.

Streamlined Invoices

Outstanding invoices will be a thing of the past because you can search by timeframe or by client, and the program will bring up every outstanding invoice related to that specific case. You can also pay any bill right through the system itself.

There is also an option to download transcripts so you can include a copy in the client’s physical file (you know, if you feel like filling drawers in your office). This means there is almost no chance of misplacing transcripts, files, invoices or exhibits — ever. Everything is right there and searchable by party names, the name of the handling attorney or the date of the transaction.

Do you want to look and see for yourself what Orange Online is all about? Here is an introductory video that offers the highlights. If you want to sign up, click here to register!