Orange Legal’s 30th Anniversary Video, Dedicated to Bobbie

Happy 30th Anniversary, Bobbie!

Over the last 30 years we have grown from a small company in downtown Orlando to one of Central Florida’s fastest growing Litigation Support Enterprises, covering work across the world. We have learned a lot as we watched our industry grow throughout the years, watching companies and trends come and go while we remained strong and experienced continued growth.

Founded 30 years ago by Roberta “Bobbie” Barrett, still the founder and president of Orange Legal, this organization’s mission was to help those looking for knowledgeable and reliable court reporters in the Central Florida area. And now 30 years later, Orange Legal has grown massively and spread its wings to locations all over the globe, offering an array of litigation support services, while at the same time continuing to provide exceptional litigation support and unmatched customer service to the legal community.

Bobbie has been key in building this enterprise into what it is today. From the risks she has taken over the years, to the fiery personality she brings to the office; she has made our time at Orange memorable for all of us. To show our appreciation for Bobbie’s guidance and all she has done for us, we made this video explaining what Orange means to us, our fondest memories of Bobbie, our favorite part about working for Orange and how Orange has impacted our lives.

From all of us at Orange Legal, we want to thank you, Bobbie, for 30 years of excellence, fun, memories, and opportunity.