5 Benefits of a Corporate Partnership Program

Corporate spending seems to keep rising, doesn’t it? No matter how many times we try to tailor it or rein it in, those dollars and cents just explode out of control. It’s no wonder that budgeting and cost control has become the No. 1 priority for law firms and outside counsel.

Orange Legal gets this; and that is why our corporate program, CS2, delivers a cost-management strategy that offers quality analytics and reporting in a way that also works with your budget. Let’s show you how.

World Coverage

Orange Legal has 10-plus resources and more than 2,000 locations. No matter what you need or what question you have, our network of legal and technical professionals will be there to assist you.

Concierge Service

Everything in CS2 is something that you have specifically requested. This way, you’re only paying for what you want. No frills, no add-ons. This means streamlined service and no extraneous nonsense.

Security and Safety

After the Equifax disaster and Yahoo breach, a big concern these days is data security — as well it should be. Hackers are moving much faster than the law is, so we have to move faster than they do. We value your trust in our company and will do whatever we can to protect your data. Orange Legal uses a multi-tiered approach that includes encrypted data transport of both uploads and downloads, as well as a comprehensive disaster recovery process. Our secure end-to-end real-time client portal is available whenever you need to access it.

Remote Technology

Who likes traveling by plane these days? It’s cramped, rushed and uncomfortable. Orange Legal’s cloud-based capabilities are able to connect multiple parties simultaneously and provide live support during every video call, which reduces travel expenses up to 60%. Documents can be shared during calls on the screen, which makes it easy to reference your work products and keep everyone apprised of what is going on.

Analytics and Reporting

Through our proprietary Orange Legal Analytics Platform, we transform “big data” into “smart data,” which gives you a valuable advantage over your competition. This smart data allows you to efficiently make decisions in a very aggressive, fast-paced market.

Ready to see how different we are? Customize your own CS2 program today by contacting Orange Legal!