6 Legal Video Services to Set Your Case Apart

How to Make Juries Care About Your Case

Why do you need legal video? Unless you’re an Academy Award-winning actor, you’re probably not the best public speaker. Many of us like to think we are, but then we get in front of an audience and our tongues get tied, we start tripping up, and we forget what to say. I had all of this stuff prepared, you start thinking. This was supposed to be so easy!

Well, we think it was supposed to be easy. In reality, public speaking is actually pretty difficult. It is the number-one fear among humanity, followed by death. As Jerry Seinfeld said, that means at a funeral, everyone would rather be the person in the casket than the person giving the eulogy.

Wouldn’t it be easier to have everything on tape? Smooth, edited, professional, and curated ahead of time?

Orange Legal Video Services

Orange Legal is in the business of preparing many different legal video services to enhance your case. Whatever you need, we’ve got it in the bag.

Video Depositions

Depositions, as a standard, are a long slog through emotional questions that don’t always come across on paper as such. It’s hard to convey those feelings and preserve testimony — that’s why video can come in handy. Playing a video deposition for the jury can be incredibly effective, especially because it shows facial expressions and body language.

Picture in Picture (PIP) 

This allows you to show far more than “head in the box” video depositions. This shows the witness and exhibits simultaneously on screen. Orange Legal also never cuts the video, which means the integrity of the witness’s statement remains intact.

Day in the Life and Settlement Videos 

“Walk in my shoes,” the plaintiff says, “and you won’t question me.” Okay, then let’s do that. A day in the life video allows the jury to do such a thing, seeing exactly what the plaintiff encounters every day — the pain, heartache, obstacles, and difficulties he or she endures. These are essential for opening statements, closing statements, settlements, and mediations.


Was there a slip and fall, vehicle damage, home inspection, or laboratory testing that is now in dispute? The jury can decide for themselves by reviewing the video and coming to an educated conclusion.

Video Synchronization

This allows you to watch video in tandem with the transcript. It also lets you create video clips of depositions by highlighting key phrases of testimony.

Video Editing 

Let us create the story you need told. Designations, video enhancements, still images pulled from video, redactions — we will quickly produce a professional, quality product that provides a high-quality look and lets you give a smooth courtroom presentation. We are also always on call so that there are no hiccups or technical difficulties.

We also offer other legal video services, such as: video wills, adoption signing, and prenuptial; medical examinations, 3D animation and renderings, reenactments, video enhancements, construction documentation, and time-lapse multi-camera seminars and lectures.

No matter what the need of your firm, Orange Legal has the ability to fill it. Call us today for a demonstration of our Legal Video Services and find out how we can help support your case.