7 Reasons Why You Should Unplug on Weekends

I’m sure we all look forward to the weekend whenever Friday rolls around, or any day we have off actually. But are we really utilizing our days off to its maximum potential? Are we using this time to unplug from the rest of the world? Studies find it more beneficial to your professional life and personal life when you designate time away from everyone and everything. Here’s how:

1. De-stressing helps mental health.

It can be tiring when we have directed all our attention to work all week. Resetting our focus not only helps with our overall mood and happiness levels, it can get us started on the new week refreshed and ready to conquer the world!

2.   Resetting your week can reset your passions.

Taking a regular break from work can help you love your job.  According to a survey, when workaholics were forced to take time off, they reported more job satisfaction and were more likely to stay with the employer long term.  A better work-life balance can make us enjoy our work more.

3. Helps you perform better.

A survey conducted by the American Psychological Association found that taking break days, in other words, a weekend, can actually help you perform better in your workplace. Weekday work productivity improves when we recharge during the weekend.  And better productivity can lead to better performance reviews which may end up helping you get a promotion!

4. Improves physical health.

Sitting all day at work can make us feel fatigued but it can also cause more serious side effects. These effects can include high blood pressure, obesity, and abnormal cholesterol levels according to a study done by the Mayo Clinic. Being able to get out and move around on weekends can lead to a healthier and longer life.

5. Increases creativity.

It is proven that a change in scenery and diversified activities can spark creativity and new ideas. Getting out of the workday routine makes us change our thought patterns.  Try something new on the weekend that allows you to have fun, let loose, or simply relax.        

6. Unplugging from screen-use can reduce fatigue.

It seems like everyone is glued to technology these days, but this can lead to physical and mental fatigue, including eye strain, headaches and loss of sleep. Many of us spend most of our workday on a computer. Try unplugging from electronics as much as possible during the weekend.  You may feel lighter and will likely feel better inside and out.

 7. Taking time to relax can improve relationships.

Stress from work can strain relationships.  In one study, couples who felt the stress of work did not feel as close to one another and were more anxious in the relationship.  So, take time to relax and enjoy your family and friends on the weekends and you experience richer and more satisfying relationships. Even pets are known for relieving stress!

So, while we all may want to pick up our phones and check social media, or open our laptops to surf the web, remember the benefits of unplugging during the weekend. Any time off is an opportunity to regain some of that mental and physical energy.