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Meet the Team: Account Manager Jimmy Singh

Orange Legal | Global Litigation SupportWith a deep-rooted passion for law, Jimmy Singh is more than familiar with the challenges of the legal industry. His first-hand experience in operations at Orange Legal has led him to become one of our most successful account managers. In his own words, he explains how this unique expertise and familiarity with the litigation process can help you grow your business as well as save time and money.

I come from a managerial background of the food service industry where I learned the benefits of going the extra mile. The feeling of providing quality service struck a respondent chord within me and followed me to Orange Legal. It was here that I honed my dedication to service by beginning my career on the ground floor, with Orange Legal operations and scheduling.

This entry-level position gave me the opportunity to communicate with clients directly and helped me understand what I could do to make clients’ lives easier. I was restless in this role, however, and I always felt as though there was more I could do to help my clients.

That innate drive to serve catapulted me into the In-House Account Manager role that had been my goal since I arrived at the company. Utilizing my experience with the service industry and Orange Legal operations, implementing the appropriate actions to ensure excellent service became second nature to me. It also allowed me to anticipate my clients’ needs and provide them with services that they didn’t know they needed. Helping clients in need is by far my favorite aspect of my job and it keeps me coming back day after day.

Between operations and my current role as Account Manager, I have seen it all and I know how to handle the ever-changing world of litigation. I have personally experienced the stress of when a judge calls for an emergency hearing and assistants are scrambling to find a reporter. Thankfully, with Orange Legal’s extensive network of reporters, we can provide a reporter to be present almost instantly no matter where you are! There is no greater feeling than making assistants look like superheroes in their attorney’s eyes!

My name is Jimmy Singh, In-House Account Manager with Orange Legal. Whether it is personally delivering documents or picking up the phone to find reporters to cover your rural deposition, I am always here to support you. I truly love what I do and it is my daily mission to use that passion to help my clients succeed. This dedication sets Orange Legal apart and I look forward to helping your firm grow with Orange.

If you would like to reach out and discuss how Orange Legal can help make litigation easy, please contact me at:

(407) 367-5202