Having Conflict at Work?

Occasionally, we do not get along with family members or friends. However, it can be different when it involves a fellow coworker. The steps to resolve conflicts are different in that they may require a bit more professionalism and strategy. Read further to discover just how to go about this!


No Desk Potatoes Around Here

Are you one of those people who takes the elevator to the second floor, or drives around and around the parking lot hoping to snatch a spot close to the door? Don’t fret! Many of us are. And then we sit at our desk for hours and by the time we leave work we are too tired or we have family commitments that make it difficult to work out. So what can we do to stay in shape? Plenty! Be no couch,…er, desk potato. There are lots of exercises you can do right at your desk!


We’re Going Green!

Whether it’s in the workplace or at home, going green is a great idea to help the environment. This does not have to mean spending more money. In fact, most of these tips save money! It can be super easy to go green if you follow these simple steps.


Never Too Early To Start Saving For Retirement!

“Wish I had started saving for retirement later,” said no one – ever! So, when should you start saving for retirement? As early as possible – in your 20’s if you can. Most people rely on social security and savings as their sole source of income after retirement, and it can take a long time to build up enough savings to live comfortably.


De Lex Schola – What’s Next after Law School Graduation

Now that you’ve achieved that coveted law degree and taken the bar exam, what’s next? The good news is that there are plenty of options, depending on your career goals and life-balance priorities. Below are various options that are available to recent law graduates.


Top 7 Places To Live Post-Retirement

When it comes to deciding where to live for retirement, most would immediately search for the cheapest living situation. Others, however, may consider a cheaper way of life while also searching for activities and excitement in a new city.


Help Your Child Transition into College

College can be a great time in one’s life. However, it can be stressful for both the parent and the student. Study habits, handling money, the “Freshman 15,” and staying balanced can be challenging. Below are some ideas to help parents transition their student successfully into college life.


Keeping Up With Your Mental Health

There are lots of ways to maintain physical health, but we often ignore our mental health. One’s well-being is categorized by physical and mental health and without one, you cannot have the other.