The Benefits of Trial Technology

How Does Trial Technology Help My Firm

The best way for you to see how trial technology can help your firm is for you to see it in action. Let’s walk through a little scenario and you can decide for yourself if it’s necessary or not.

Case in Point

Sonya has been prepping a medical malpractice case for months, and her firm has been working on the file for years. She knows the fact pattern backward and forward, and she can recite her opening statement in her sleep. She can tell you everything about the plaintiff’s family, even more than she can tell you things about her own family. She knows this case.

When the defendant’s expert witness, Dr. William Archibald, testifies about lap band surgery and his independent medical examination of the plaintiff, Sonya immediately knows that it’s incorrect. In fact, it’s absolutely incorrect and inconsistent with a previous report. She needs to find the document proving that it’s wrong so she can impeach him.

Except she can’t find it.

She asks her second chair co-counsel to help her find it. They feverishly dig through files and boxes while Dr. Archibald is on the stand, knowing that they only have until opposing counsel is done questioning to find the document. She texts her paralegal to email it to her before remembering that this courthouse doesn’t have a printer available. She can’t find the document. There’s no time. Her paralegal can’t locate it, anyway. (What did she hire her for?!)

Dr. Archibald is excused from the witness stand and leaves the state to take a four-week vacation to Barbados, precluding him from cross-examination. Sonya loses the trial; and she knows that if she’d been able to cross-examine Dr. Archibald on that crucial piece of evidence, she would have won the case. She vows that she will never let this happen again and starts to research case management software and trial technology so she won’t have to deal with lugging around cardboard boxes and loose files.

The Orange Legal Trial Tech Solution

Sonya found that Orange Legal offers a trial technology program that archives the documents, exhibits and videos relevant to the case and uploads them into the case management software. It even Bates-stamps documents and sorts them into separate trial binders so that anything can be found at a moment’s notice. The jury can even follow along, which would help them understand difficult trial testimony.

An Orange Legal-trained AV specialist will also be present at trial to help make sure everything goes smoothly. They provide all the technology, including laptops, DVD players, ELMO document cameras, big-screen TVs, projectors, iPads and more. This is a relief to Sonya, because she still only has a flip phone and is scared of upgrading.

Key searches make searching for files much easier than digging through folders and boxes, and it also means that nothing can slip through the cracks. Documents can be displayed for the jury through demonstrative exhibits, and nothing can take her by surprise anymore. If opposing counsel offers unexpected objections, Sonya will be ready. She can search by any keyword. She can also design a summarizing timeline to use during closing arguments.

Sonya decided to schedule a trial tech demonstration with Orange Legal. She knew something had to change after losing that trial.

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