Bill Cosby’s Transcript Released


Lawyers are learning through Bill Cosby’s sex-abuse case that they must take extra cautionary measures to protect their client’s privacy. According to the New York Daily News, Bill Cosby’s lawsuit in 2005 should never have been public record because of the confidential agreement that was put in place as part of the settlement. According to Bill Cosby’s lawyers, the deposition became public record when the court reporting agency released the transcript without consent from all parties involved. The court reporting agency only had consent from the plaintiff and did not require consent from all other parties. The transcript is now public record and was even summarized by The New York Times.

At Orange Legal, we have strict policies and procedures in place to make sure your client’s transcripts and information remains confidential. We are a third-party vendor and must remain neutral towards all parties, at all times. It is our duty to never show favoritism towards one party on a case, as we could face serious legal repercussions.  To order a transcript at Orange Legal, a person must show proof that they are a party to the case. If the person inquiring or ordering the transcript is not documented as a party to the case, we ask for documentation, such as a notice, proving that they are indeed a party to the case. If the order comes from someone not involved as a party to the case, we require a court order from a judge or an agreement from all parties in writing agreeing to release the transcript. We have implemented proper procedures and do our diligence to ensure documents remain confidential. In addition, Orange Legal places seals on all original transcripts of Federal or United States transcripts. Seals are also put on all confidential transcripts or anything that is under a Protective Order.

Our Transcript Specialists are specifically trained to read the notice and all information pertaining to the case to ensure information is never overlooked and everything is documented appropriately. It is our duty to keep your client’s information in confidence, and we take the appropriate measures to make sure we adhere to your requests.

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