food laws

Bizarre Food Laws

food laws

There are insane laws related to food and animals in every state. For instance, in Gainesville, Georgia, you are bound by law to eat fried chicken with your hands — no forks or other wimpy utensils allowed. Used kitchen grease absolutely cannot be stolen in North Carolina and will hit violators with a Class 1 Misdemeanor. There is no fishing with firearms in Wyoming (aw, bummer). Most importantly, prisons in Wisconsin are only allowed to serve real butter. None of that margarine will be acceptable as an alternative.

Crazy Food and Animal Laws from Florida (and a Few Other States)

What about Florida? Well, Broward County refuses to let food vendors dress in sexy clothes to sell their wares. Government officials contend that a hot dog vendor wearing a thong could likely pose a traffic hazard. Someone with authority spent far too much time describing the human body and all the ways it could be (scantily) clothed:

hot dogs

Persons vending from mobile food units who are inappropriately attired shall be considered to cause a hazard or impediment to traffic. Inappropriate attire shall include clothing which shows any portion of the anal cleft, cleavage or buttocks of males or females such as G-strings, T-back bathing suits, thong bikinis or any other clothing or covering that does not completely and opaquely cover the anal cleft, cleavage or buttocks of males and females.

More Florida Food Laws

Other absurd Florida laws relating to food and animals include the following:

  • It is illegal to sell oranges on the sidewalk in Miami (penalties include up to 30 days in jail)
  • It is illegal for an ice cream man to sell ice cream in a cemetery in Destin
  • Chickens are a protected species in Key West (so don’t get any ideas about frying them Georgia-style)
  • A few varieties of celebratory champagne are illegal in Florida
  • An elephant tied to a parking meter will be charged the same as a car would
  • Crabs are protected in Sarasota
  • It is illegal to fish while crossing a bridge
  • Having sexual relations with a porcupine is both uncomfortable and illegal
  • Molesting a dear in Big Pine Key will result in fines or jail time
  • Penalties for horse theft include death by hanging
  • It is illegal to break more than three dishes per day
  • Rats must stay on docked boats in Tampa Bay at all times
  • Residents of Tampa Bay must eat all of their cottage cheese before 6 pm on Sundays
  • It is illegal to sell children in Florida, on eBay or otherwise (children are technically an animal, right?)

This is only the tip of the iceberg. If you are interested in other insane Florida laws, check out this site for more (for instance, did you know that Florida accidentally outlawed computers and smartphones in internet cafes in 2013?).

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