Fixing the light - Ideas and creativity concept

The very idea of brainstorming makes me happy.  Ideas flood the brain with intense thoughts rampaging the foundation and shaking the core.  There is a serene calm before the idea strikes, followed by climatic bursts of inspiration.

I love to brainstorm.  I love to throw everything on the table, no matter how ridiculous, just to see what becomes of it.  Most of the time, the majority of the ideas are ridiculous; but they can lead to something fabulous.  The key is to find people who think oppositely of you. Get people on the team who aren’t afraid to disagree and who will speak up when they do.

When meeting to brainstorm ideas, set rules that everyone must follow, such as:

  1. No one is permitted to squash an idea; let the creativity flow without discouragement, just to see what becomes of it.
  2. Build upon each other’s thoughts.
  3. Explain why something won’t work so you can brainstorm ways around it.
  4. Write down what was decided and assign the execution of the idea to one individual responsible for ensuring it gets done.
  5. Hold them accountable.
  6. Schedule a meeting to follow up.
  7. Have fun!

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