How Should Businesses Handle Another Potential Travel Ban?

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has blocked the Trump Administration’s infamous travel ban — for now. However, Trump has already announced a surprise revision of his executive order or even a brand new order, possibly excluding green card holders and permanent residents. As Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said, “Every single court option is on the table.”

This constant legal battling has left international businesses in a state of flux. Many individuals do not feel secure traveling with laws changing by the minute and with seeing lawyers literally camped out at airports. Reports have shown that business travel has actually decreased by up to 8 percent in the United States in January 2017 versus December 2016.

System-wide business travel levels had been increasing the week before the travel ban by 1.2 percent; but once the ban was enacted, there was a negative 3.4 percent decrease in one week. That equaled an approximate $185 million in lost business travel bookings.

How can those affected by the possible new ban (or who just don’t feel comfortable traveling in this climate) still fulfill their business obligations if they need to be present in foreign countries but can’t physically be there?

The benefits of video conferencing

Orange Legal offers full video conferencing software that lets you stop spending time and money traveling abroad for depositions and meetings. This state-of-the-art technology lets you almost appear in person. It’s not as good as anything you could get on Star Trek, but it’s still pretty stellar — and it lets you avoid having to hire an immigration lawyer outside a Cinnabon in LaGuardia.

We have many tools at our disposal:

  • Full video interaction
  • Full, split or multiple party screens
  • Text and audio screening
  • Document sharing
  • The ability to record for future reference
  • Technical support available throughout the entire conference

Our cloud-based software, Orange Connect, can connect up to eight parties simultaneously on flash-compatible browsers on any MAC or Windows desktop, laptop, tablet, or on your smartphone (Android or iPhone 3G or higher).

Nobody knows exactly what is going to happen with the revised travel ban or the Trump Administration’s future executive orders. However, until things calm down, using Orange Legal video conferencing as an alternative can help businesses stay focused and on track. For help getting started, contact us at Orange Legal today!