De Lex Schola – What’s Next after Law School Graduation

Now that you’ve achieved that coveted law degree and taken the bar exam, what’s next? The good news is that there are plenty of options, depending on your career goals and life-balance priorities. Below are various options that are available to recent law graduates.

Complex Case

Complex Case Management – Simplified!

Case management is essential, especially now that legal cases have become more complex. In an era where much more data is readily available, it is important, especially in litigation, to organize and categorize the endless

Orange Legal Veritext

Orange Legal, a Veritext Company

We are excited to announce that Orange Legal is now a part of Veritext Legal Solutions! For over 30 years, Orange Legal has established a proven reputation of quality, value, and extraordinary customer service.


Time Management for Professionals

Time management can be easily looked over when trying to balance everything in our lives. But that’s the exact reason for taking time to plan our days. Utilize these methods to get a grasp of balancing your personal and professional life.

eDiscovery computers

E-Discovery’s Global Footprint

This is why eDiscovery specialists are so important; they protect their customers by making sure all relevant electronic information is present and accounted for. Don’t leave yourself or your firm open to unnecessary risk.