Complex Case

Complex Case Management – Simplified!

Case management is essential, especially now that legal cases have become more complex. In an era where much more data is readily available, it is important, especially in litigation, to organize and categorize the endless

eDiscovery computers

E-Discovery’s Global Footprint

This is why eDiscovery specialists are so important; they protect their customers by making sure all relevant electronic information is present and accounted for. Don’t leave yourself or your firm open to unnecessary risk.

fastest court reporter

Fastest Court Reporter

There are records for everything. Tallest man. Shortest woman. Longest fingernails. Longest human tunnel through which a bulldog named Otto can ride a skateboard. Now, as illustrated at the recent convention for the National Court Reporters Association, there is a record for fastest court reporter. Guinness World Records awarded that distinction to Mark Kislingbury, who types at an astonishing 360 words per minute.

How to use Marketing Your Small Law Firm

How to Market Your Small Law Firm

What’s the best way to get to your client? How can you be seen in the sea of other faces?
Today, a law firm must have some understanding of SEO and a presentable website in order to get ahead. To bring your law firm to the famous “First Page of Google,” there are a few steps you should take.