Having Conflict at Work?

Occasionally, we do not get along with family members or friends. However, it can be different when it involves a fellow coworker. The steps to resolve conflicts are different in that they may require a bit more professionalism and strategy. Read further to discover just how to go about this!


De Lex Schola – What’s Next after Law School Graduation

Now that you’ve achieved that coveted law degree and taken the bar exam, what’s next? The good news is that there are plenty of options, depending on your career goals and life-balance priorities. Below are various options that are available to recent law graduates.

Orange Legal Veritext

Orange Legal, a Veritext Company

We are excited to announce that Orange Legal is now a part of Veritext Legal Solutions! For over 30 years, Orange Legal has established a proven reputation of quality, value, and extraordinary customer service.


What on Earth is the Summer Solstice?

June 21st is the summer solstice and is often associated with the beginning of summer. But what is the summer solstice? Throughout history, cultures – even ancient ones – have known that the days follow a regular pattern of growing longer and shorter each year. This is because the earth tilts on its axis. The summer solstice marks the day with the longest sunshine of the year in areas above the equator.


Enjoy Your Summer Without Traveling

The first thought when it comes to summertime is, well, traveling! But you don’t need to travel far in order to enjoy your summer. There are many ways to have fun in nearby areas or to make fun happen right at home.