Tired of the Paper Shuffle in Complex Multi-Party Litigation? Orange Legal Can Help!

The initial document production during discovery in a complex multi-party case can be a daunting task. The billable hours that are spent coordinating this enormous paper shuffle could be and should be directed towards more productive tasks. Orange Legal has created an innovative solution to assist our clients with managing the organization and distribution of the hundreds of thousands of documents, videos, images and other production-related materials.

We have developed a secure and encrypted portal in which all documents are uploaded and organized by our case managers and are then viewable and downloadable by the parties of the case. Once the parties of the case have prepared the required documents pursuant to the case management order, they will send the files either in hard copy or in electronic format to Orange Legal, and we will handle the rest. No longer do the law firms need to bear the burden of sending copies of their documents to all parties of the case. How do you get all the parties to agree to this? It is easy; just stipulate to it in the case management order. Below is an example of what this stipulation looks like in a CMO:

….. “Documents produced electronically shall be produced in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) searchable format. Each party shall sequentially Bates number each document production with an appropriate lettering identifying the producing party. Each party shall name any .pdf file with its corresponding Bates number, and shall produce a Notice of Compliance with CMO that contains an index that describes the documents with specificity. Each party shall bear its own costs of producing its thumb drive or discs pursuant to this subsection. A copy of each thumb drive or disc produced shall also be provided to the court reporting service designated herein. The designated court reporting service shall maintain the thumb drive or discs and allow the parties to access them for deposition and mediation purposes.” …..

Oh, and did I mention….this service is provided at no charge! When Orange Legal is designated as the litigation service provider in the CMO, we will gladly include this service within the scope of your portfolio of case management services during the course of your litigation.

If you would like more information on this process or the details of our portal, please reach out to Merritt Hill at Merritt@orangelegal.com or 800-275-7991 ext. 265. For more news and updates on legal services and occurrences, subscribe to our blog!