Congratulations Bev!


Our Client Service Supervisor, Beverly Dodds a/k/a Bev, celebrated 10 years with Orange Legal on September 8th.  If you’re familiar with Bev, you have been a victim of sarcasm, wit and humor. She is well known for her hairstyle, love of cats and wacky texts. Bev threatens (and entertains) to do just about anything, including weave ripping, babysitting offering, beverage imbibing and house-cleaning proposing to cover our calendar.  She has her own fan club, which includes the legal assistants, paralegals, attorneys and expert witnesses who call or visit our office.

Since Bev began her career with Orange, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter were launched, Apple released the iPhone, and the words “to google,” “Twerk” and “selfie” were added to the dictionary. A lot has happened in the past ten years, especially at Orange.

Over the past decade, Bev has made numerous contributions to our organization. Before she joined us, we caught ourselves saying the words “no” to our clients’ emergency requests. However, Bev opened Orange Legal’s eyes to say “yes,” no matter the location, the time or the job type to meet the needs of our clients. Bev turned Orange into a ‘YES’ Company, and we haven’t looked back since!

To thank Bev for outstanding contributions and efforts, we sent her on a scavenger hunt that led her to local law firms that she has worked with over the years. She finished her scavenger hunt at Orange with a big pizza party!

Congratulations, Bev; and thank you for all you have done for Orange Legal. We love you!