Corporate Partners and International Litigation Support

Working on this corporate real estate case was the biggest in Jenkins’ career. He had done everything he could to get his name attached to the file, and the days of working overtime were worth it. Even though he saw the sun set and the moon rise through his window, he gave thanks for having a window. He could be down in the pit with the other associate attorneys in their windowless galley, staring at the empty, colorless walls. For being the newest attorney in this office, his lot seemed like a good achievement.

Now, sitting at a large conference table with all the other attorneys, he felt like an axe was about to drop.

“All right,” his boss said. “I have an announcement to make.” Everyone at the conference table looked up expectantly. Their boss was permanently harried and harassed, exhausted and put-upon, a tired man in a rumpled suit. “As you know, the Jacoby file is the largest project this firm has ever acquired. However, we need to coordinate with lawyers overseas; and to do that, we’re going to have to cut costs if we’re sending people over to Hong Kong and London to get this thing done.” His words hung in the air like bombs about to explode.

Jenkins felt his heart thudding in his chest. A mantra ran through his mind: Last one in, first one out. That was how it worked, wasn’t it? He was the newest associate attorney. He’d be the first one to lay off if they needed to cut costs.

This meant the firm had to somehow save money if he were going to stay. But how?

How to save money when coordinating with overseas attorneys

Jenkins feverishly searched the web for something, anything that would save his job. Eventually he stumbled upon Orange Legal’s Corporate Partner program. With that in hand, he ran into his boss’s office.

“This might save us money,” he said, leaving unsaid that his job might also be saved.

“How so?” his boss asked. He didn’t even deign to glance at him over the stacks of files atop his enormous desk.

“Well, this program allows for virtual meetings with corporate partners in 2,000 locations all over the globe, so it cuts down travel costs by 40 to 60 percent.”

That got him. His boss perked up, grabbing the printout and studying it closely. “Is there tech support?”

“During every call. Live tech support. It’s a live cloud program that can connect multiple parties.” Jenkins was feeling almost a religious fervor now — his staying employed was in sight. He could feel it. “Plus, they encrypt everything for data security reasons. This means less travel, less money, more help. But if our outside counsel has relationships with other resources, they’ll work with us to work with them.

His boss nodded. “This is a good find. I want you to get on this. We need someone stationed in Hong Kong to help us get the next milestone finished.”

Jenkins preened. “Absolutely, sir. I will contact them today.” He bowed out of the office and returned to his desk, triumphant. He’d done it. He’d saved his job. And now he didn’t have to fly to Hong Kong.