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Orange Legal’s Corporate Partner Program: CS2

In this day and age, corporate departments are looking for the best bang for their buck. Everyone wants to know how to be the most cost-effective version of themselves and how other companies can offer the most economical services.

Orange Legal understands this. That’s why our corporate program, CS2, delivers a cost-management strategy that provides quality reporting and analytics in a way that also works with your wallet. Let’s walk through it so you can see how.

Tailored design

There’s nothing in CS2 that you don’t want there. This allows for concierge service and the ability to truly focus on exactly what your firm wants. Now there’s no need for extraneous add-ons. Everything is streamlined and designed exactly for your office.

Global coverage

Orange Legal has more than 2,000 locations and 10,000-plus resources across the globe. No matter what you need, our worldwide network of legal and technical professionals will be there to help you through it.

Remote capabilities

Hate traveling? We can understand that. Who wants to deal with airports, anyway? Orange Legal’s cloud-based software has the capability of connecting multiple parties simultaneously, providing live support throughout the duration of the call and reducing traveling expenses by up to 60%. Documents can also be shared onscreen during calls, making it easy to reference work product and keep everyone in the loop.

Safety and security

A big concern these days is data security. Hackers are moving faster than the law is, so we have to move faster than they do. We value your trust in our company and will do everything we can to protect your information. Orange Legal employs a multi-tiered approach that includes encrypted data transport of both uploads and downloads, as well as a comprehensive disaster recovery process. Our secure end-to-end realtime client portal is available whenever you need to access it.

Reporting and analytics

Through our proprietary Orange Legal Analytics Platform, we turn “big data” into “smart data,” which provides yet another advantage to our customers and gives them a leg up on their competition. This smart data allows customers to efficiently make decisions and develop an advantage in a very aggressive market.

Ready to get started? Customize your own CS2 program today by contacting Orange Legal!