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Orange Legal Values

Orange Legal recently introduced its new values as Accountability, Passion, and Unity. One of the ways we define “unity” is in Cultivating Relationships with everyone. Success cannot happen if you are in isolation. For a good business to be successful, you need to build good relationships when cultivating relationships.

When I walk into any job, I remind myself that I’m not only representing myself, I’m representing Orange Legal and all the hard work people have put into the company to make it what it is today. Although it’s hard to gain a friendly working relationship with every person you come into contact with, I think it’s important to maintain such a relationship with the people you see often.

Come prepared.

When I get assigned to a job, the first thing I check is who the parties are that are involved in the case. If I’ve never worked with them before, I do research on the attorneys I’m going to meet beforehand. At times, I have gone on their firm website to look for a picture of the clients. Although I’ve never met them, a lot of other reporters for Orange may have. When I do this research before the job, it eliminates the process of having to get them to confirm who they are. It also makes the client feel special.

Be positive.

Everyone likes to hang around with positive and inspiring people. Nine times out of ten, you don’t know what you’re walking into or what kind of attitude everyone is going to have once they arrive. I have found that being the first person in the room, set-up and ready to take the job before everyone has arrived, helps me feel more prepared and gives me more time to become better acquainted with everyone as they arrive.

Show that you care.

When you show you care, you will be surprised how much happier the other person will be in his or her interactions with you. When a person knows that you care for their interests, they will invariably give your company business. An example of how I show care is by trying to remember key things about people that I meet on a consistent basis. Whether we have kids in common, traveling, or attending events in the community, I try my best to always have something in mind that I can use as a conversation starter before our next deposition together. Make it an experience, not just a deposition! I have found that people really enjoy that you remember random details about them, rather than feeling as if they’re just another person with which you took a deposition. Even if I’m not the reporter for their specific job, they will stop me in the halls of our office or in passing at the courthouse to say hi and have a quick chat.

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Credit: Kathryn Fehring, Transcript Specialist, Orange Legal

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