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Day in the Life of an Orange Legal Receptionist

Orange Legal Corporate Headquarters Orlando Florida Central Florida receptionist

Some people call me “the face of Orange Legal,” but I also go by Nicole.  Every day when I walk in, I turn on the lights and give Orange Legal its glorious life. I then begin to prep for the busy day ahead. My day typically begins by making delicious cookies.  Do not ask me for the recipe; I’ll never tell!  Some attorneys are even known to schedule at our offices in anticipation of our famous cookies.  My grandmother, Nestlé, came up with this magical recipe in Europe!

We know that for most of you coming to Orange Legal is a nice break and a relief from the environmental stressors in your office.  We strive to make your day better while you are here. Enjoy our luxurious lounge equipped with a soda fountain, a Keurig and a wide array of snacks!  If you need references or menus for good places to eat lunch locally, we’ve got your back.  If you need the air adjusted, don’t hesitate to come to the front and let me know! Even with the 700 incoming calls that day, you will always be the center of my attention. The moment you enter our doors, my attention shifts towards you and I will always welcome you in with a warm smile.

I wear many hats at Orange, including a role as parking patrol. Our parking lot is even reserved for our clients.  I monitor the lot and chase away our next-door neighbors at IHOP and even our own employees that try to take your parking spots!

We take pride in never treating you as just another number.  From our perspective, you are the only person in our entire office.  I plan to show you that.  There are numerous perks for booking a conference room at one of our extravagant facilities.  Come in and experience the magic that is Orange Legal!

Yours truly,

Nicole Ward- Orlando Client Services Representative

Commentaries from our very own South Florida receptionists:

Claude, a/k/a Orange Legal Hollywood Stud or the morning comedian, is our Fort Lauderdale (Clauderdale) receptionist.When it’s raining, he’s still shining. When you hear laughter throughout the halls, it’s because Claude is entertaining the clients with his theatrical stories and sayings! People smile when they see sunshine, people smile when they see Claude. “Who doesn’t like to laugh? It helps to create and define your upper abs.”

Claude Eastwood- Fort Lauderdale Client Services Representative

Valentina Ramirez is our delightful receptionist in MiamiThere’s a reason why her name is so similar to “Valentine” –  she is a sweetheart!  “Being a client services representative at Orange is an amazing opportunity to lighten up the day of every person one comes in contact with. In the hectic field of law, a warm greeting, a sincere smile, and dedicated customer service truly makes a difference.  I am a proud to be the greeting face of our Miami office and enjoy every minute of it.”

Valentina Remirez- Miami Client Services Representative

Don’t be afraid to come say hi to the friendly people at the front desk!

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