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Get Ready, Florida! eDiscovery Day is December 4

It might seem counter intuitive to prepare for a holiday more than a month in advance, but this one caught our eye: December 4 is the fourth annual eDiscovery Day, when legal services professionals come together to learn all about the discovery process and new advances in technology. With this in mind, it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn more about eDiscovery and how it can help law firms. Thus, given how quickly a holiday calendar can fill up, we thought it prudent to introduce this early.

The premise of the holiday is simple: “Too often, ediscovery professionals operate in the background. Hot-shot litigators argue cases in court. Similarly, judges command attention from the bench. Even IT security pros and hackers get occasional headlines when there’s a data breach.” Consequently, in 2015, a group of specialists decided that this was foolish. As a result, eDiscovery professionals command an enormous amount of respect for conducting the technological voodoo that they do. Organizations spend almost $10 billion per year on their services. In the past four years, they have presented 37 webcasts and 20 live events with the support of 25 organizations. Because of this, more than 3,000 individuals have attended, and they expect more this year.

The Conference

This year, conference officials have a great lineup ready to go. Although there aren’t any live events in Florida (head to Boston, Chicago, Houston, New York, Washington, or California for those), their online offerings are just as good and should be checked out.

Here are just some of the webcasts:

  • Getting your ediscovery workflows to work
  • Investigations from BitCoin to Blockchain
  • Ask the experts: How much do I actually need to preserve and collect?
  • What’s wrong with ediscovery today?
  • 2018 update to ediscovery case law
  • GDPR is here: It’s time to rethink e-discovery

If you have ever wondered what information needs preservation, exactly what to cull, and how to make sure you’re finding everything on a hard drive that needs to be found, then you should attend at least one of these webcasts. These are skills that will only become more relevant as the legal profession grows. Make sure you’re in on the ground floor!

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