eDiscovery with Logikcull and Orange Legal (Part 2)

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Who Uses Logickull and Why?

You might have heard of a new eDiscovery product called Orange Legal, powered by Logikcull, but, what is Logickull? If you missed our first post about our eDiscovery system, you can read Part 1 here.

Logikcull is the next step in eDiscovery. It’s fast. It’s cheap. It’s safe. It’s intuitive. Most of all, it’s smart. Everything about it is just smart. The drag-and-drop features, the carousel, the cloud capabilities — they are all just intelligent features that seem so obvious, we wonder why they were not implemented years ago.

Fortune 500 companies, top law firms, and the United States government are among Logikcull’s foremost users and most frequent customers. They are more than satisfied by the heavy level of security (the system is backed by AWS, which is among the best in the world) and trust that their clients’ documents are safe in the cloud. We’re talking bank-level encryption here, folks. NASA and the CIA use this program, so they must be doing something right.

Who else uses Logikcull? Small- to mid-sized law firms with 50 or fewer cases per year. If your typical cases have approximately 3,000 or so documents per case, then this program is for you.

Why use Logikcull?

Here are just some of the features it offers:

● Start a project in just five seconds;
● Use a cloud-based browser system;
● Have as many or as few users as you want with varying levels of authorization;
● No software and no hardware;
● Drag-and-drop uploads instead of endless scanning;
● End-to-end security with two-factor authentication in motion and at rest;
● Can be used on any device or tablet (coffeeshop, anyone?);
● Mimics websites you already know how to use (e.g., Amazon.com);
● Clean, user-friendly interface;
● 24/7 assistance and in-app chat window;
● Each help assistant has an average of seven years of eDiscovery experience;
● Documents can be tagged and emailed to users to view within Logikcull;
● And much, much more!

How is Logikcull Priced?

Unlike most other programs on the market, Logikcull is priced on a flat rate. That means your firm will get exactly what it pays for.

■ BAND 1: 0-3 GBs: $250/matter/month
■ BAND 2: 3-6 GBs: $500/matter/month
■ BAND 3: 6-9 GBs: $750/matter/month

Orange Legal believes in using both time and money wisely. Contact us today to get started if that sounds like your firm’s philosophy.