eDiscovery Is More Than A Name


Many companies treat data management and litigation support as separate industries. They would be correct to do so. The interesting thing is that eDiscovery, as a legal service, has been crossing over from one industry to the other and bridging the gap between them.

It’s easy enough to up-sell when you are already doing work in one area. You’re there, you can do other things — why wouldn’t that be a plus? EDiscovery companies often start by handling data management for companies. Above the Law pointed out how an eDiscovery firm can move naturally from something like data management for major discovery projects into contract review. More and more corporate legal departments are taking advantage of the multiple services available to them. In turn, this allows them to save on services and increase their own profit margin. Basically, everyone wins.

If an eDiscovery firm can do contract review as well as data management, what else can they offer? Well, Orange Legal is one such company, and we offer the following:

  • Data acquisition
  • Consulting
  • Information management
  • Technology-assisted review
  • Early case assessment
  • Data mapping
  • Culling
  • Records retention
  • De-duplication
  • Keyword search
  • Email processing

An eDiscovery company can be a complete litigation solution for your law firm — just ask them what else they can do. This consolidates resources, keeps everything in one place, and saves you money.

Companies that provide eDiscovery services oftentimes have other services available as well, making it more efficient to be able to use one company for all legal services.

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