Enhance Your Trial Presentation

By: Julian Perez

In any personal injury case, the hardest part is demonstrating how significantly the plaintiff’s life has been impacted. During depositions you may ask questions such as, “What can’t you do now that you could before the accident?” or “How has this accident affected you?” But unfortunately, the words alone can’t do your client justice, which is why I highly recommend a “Day in the Life of” video.

When you request a “Day in the Life of” video, our professional videographers will follow your client around for a few days, interviewing them and their family and capturing visual examples of new difficulties in their lives. Rather than just talking about your client’s physical issues, you can have visual examples of their pain and struggles. With this your viewers will have a legitimate representation of the hardships your client experiences, instead of just having to take your client’s word.

Typically, it would take multiple depositions to interview family members; but with “Day in the Life of” videos, the overall impact on the family can be consolidated in a 5-10 minute video.  This professionally produced video is much easier for viewers to absorb and understand when compared to long hours of depositions.

These videos serve as a great tool to either push opposing counsel to settle or gain the jury’s sympathy during your opening statement. Either one can give you a huge leg-up at trial or mediation from the starting line.

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