Enjoy Your Summer Without Traveling

vacation and relaxing on the beach

The first thought when it comes to summertime is, well, traveling! However, you don’t need to travel far in order to enjoy your summer. There are many ways to have fun in nearby areas or to make fun happen right at home.

Research Your Area

It’s very common that people wish to explore places outside of their area. Makes sense, we want to get out of our house and explore new places. However, there is always fun to be had right where you live! By researching your area you will be able to find lots of activities to do with friends, family, or by yourself. Here are some tips when researching:

  • Consider your hobbies and then search key words. For example, if you love a good beer, search for local breweries to try.
  • Look on a map and find things you have not seen before. If you pull up Google Maps, odds are you will come across new places you never knew existed.
  • Get out of your comfort zone. Even if something seems daunting, new experiences can be refreshing!

Try New Things Weekly… Or Daily!

During the summer, most cities boast local festivals, concerts and other events. Summer is also a time when new restaurants and shopping areas make their debut. Additionally, check out the local magazines and newspapers to see what’s happening in your area and then gather friends or family to try something new. Here are some examples:

  • Plan a foodie night. This night is dedicated to trying that new burger bar down the street. Take a partner, or explore by yourself, and check out somewhere new! However, what ever city you’re in, be sure to make yourself acquainted with the crazy food laws in that area!
  • Find outdoor events.  For the weekend, check out a festival, or grab a blanket and go to a concert in a local open-air amphitheater.
  • Challenge yourself physically. Maybe there is a hiking trail you have always wanted to try?  Or go to the local lake and try canoeing or paddle boarding.

Go to The City

Many of us tend to assume we will explore the features of our own city someday, but we seem to never get to it. Every city has lots of interesting areas to explore.  Here are some ideas to get to know your own city:

  • Research your city on the internet.  Make notes about places that you’d like to know more about or that you want to explore.
  • Take a day and walk around the city or rent a scooter or a Segway to do your exploring.
  • Check out local museums, farmer’s market and local playhouses.

Incorporate Daily Activities

Summertime at home is not always a bore. Jump start your creativity and well-being with some of these ideas:

  • Get physical every day. Walk around your neighborhood after dinner during the week.  Not to mention, this is a good time to meet your neighbors who are out walking too, or who are working in their yards.  Or get even more physical and take on jump-roping, CrossFit, Pilates, or yoga, and do it daily!
  • Read a book. Is there a book you’ve been meaning to read?  Take time for yourself and do some of the things you’ve been putting off.  Moreover, reading has side-benefits too – a good book can help to keep our brains sharp.
  • Join something. Whether it be a subscription to a daily blog forum, a book club, or a wine tasting membership, it is always fun to be a part of a niche group that shares your interests.

Summer is a great time to try something new and fun.  And we don’t have to travel far to do it since there are lots of adventures in our own back yard!