Why Use Exhibit Expansion for Trials?

How Important is Exhibit Expansion, Really?

Having subpoenas served, attending discovery depositions, hearings, deposition continuations, update depositions, hearings, trial depositions, and more hearings — It’s all in a day’s work for an attorney. But we all know how this process can make your case go on for years. The longer litigation goes, the more documents with which you find yourself; and while many are important to submit into evidence, there may be some that call for added emphasis during future depositions or trial.

One of the best ways to add the emphasis you need is exhibit expansion.

Exhibit expansion is as simple as it sounds: Expand your exhibit large enough to be reviewed and followed along with by a room of individuals using Orange Legal’s Trial Technology. Exhibit expansion makes the process of discussing an image or document with a group of individuals infinitely easier. Everyone knows on exactly what page you are, as well as where in the document the focus should be.

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Credit: Julian Perez, Trial Technician & Legal Videographer, Orange Legal

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