Fantasy Football Insurance Policies and Lawyers

American football on green grass on black background

Being from Maine, I look forward to fall for many reasons: foliage, pumpkin spiced coffee, chili, apple picking and pumpkin carving; but the thing that excites me the most is football! My Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays are now filled with football games, and my beloved Patriots are back on the field! This year I am devoting even more of my time to football by joining my first Fantasy Football league.

To determine my strategy, I did some serious research on best practices and players. While debating my plan of action, I stumbled upon insurance policies and lawyers specifically for Fantasy Football. This was nothing I had ever heard of. Was this something that I seriously needed to consider? Maybe this whole Fantasy Football thing was way too intense for me!

I did some more reading and found that some people who spend hundreds of dollars on their teams actually take out policies on players to protect their investments. Once you purchase a policy, you receive a certificate documenting the coverage plan for those players selected, the coverage amount, the amount paid, and coverage options.  If a covered player gets injured and is unable to play for more than nine games, the policyholder will receive a check for the insured amount. It is a 4.6 billion dollar industry now, so you can imagine why these policies came along! I personally threw 20 bucks into the pool and could not justify the need to take out a policy to insure players.

Think that is intense? Well, it doesn’t stop there! For those of you who get in heated debates over the outcome of the league, there are legal professionals who can handle your debate. is one place you can find them! They offer professional dispute resolution services and are currently taking on new cases. With over 75 million American participants on Fantasy Football, they could stay very busy!



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