Here’s what you can do to make your office ‘Green’!

Go Green

Going Green - Orange Legal

  • Go green by reading from the screen whenever possible to avoid printing and save on shipping!
  • Use your FREE online office, Orange Online, to access your calendar, transcripts, exhibits, errata sheets and invoices. You can also access, download and view your case documents.
  • Receive your invoices via email or download your invoices from your online office.
  • Pay for invoices via credit card and avoid the delay and cost of writing a check and mailing a payment.
  • Do a videoconference! At $50 per hour between Orange’s seven Florida locations, you can completely avoid the commute and save lots of time, energy, and frustration! You can also attend via telephone and add Internet transcript and/or video streaming.Need a location outside of Florida? We can do that! Just call us at (800) 275-7991.

To learn more about going green and building on your success, check out our blog. To look at all of the services offered by Orange Legal, click here. To schedule with Orange Legal, click here, give us a call at (800) 275-7991, or contact us online.