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How to Cope With Stress

Have you ever wished there was more time in the day? The average business professional has nearly 100 projects on his or her plate.  In addition to the millions of things you have going on, there are constant distractions due to coworkers, phone calls, and emails, which makes it easy to feel overwhelmed. According to Forbes, modern workers are interrupted seven times an hour and distracted up to 2.1 hours a day. With the 700 calls I receive, placing depositions, and assisting clients, I know I can definitely get distracted.   In fact, after the previous sentence, it took me almost an hour to get back to writing this very article! With many tasks building up and countless deadlines, you may feel duped.  I am confident that the following tips will help relieve your stress.

How I cope with stress:

  • Physical Fitness: I found that by keeping up with my New Year’s Resolution of working out 3-5 days a week, I feel less fatigued and more relaxed.
  • Eat Healthy: Eating badly can also stress your system.  Sharon Melnick, Ph.D., a business psychologist, advises eating a low-sugar, high-protein diet. 
  • Sleep: When you are having a high-stress day, one of the best remedies for you is to go to sleep at an appropriate time. According to the CDC, an estimated 60 million Americans do not get sufficient sleep. Jet lag seems to be a common problem, especially for lawyers. Traveling from coast to coast for depositions and experiencing different time zones can take a toll on you.  Many of you may experience this type of work schedule.  Making sure you are getting 8 full hours of sleep is critical because sleep is the recovery period for the body.
  • Personal Touches: My backgrounds on my desktop are motivational quotes or tranquil scenery that shuffle, and they help create a peaceful mood when I am feeling stressed at work.  Filling your direct space with positive stimuli, such as a picture of your husband or wife, will definitely lighten up your mood too!
  • Add a Plant: Adding plants to your workspace not only makes the environment beautiful, but it has also been found to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and increase positive feelings.
  • Be Clean: Having a clean workspace will help you remain organized and more productive. You will also find yourself less distracted by your surroundings in a clean workspace.

How some of our employees manage their stress:

“I like to spend time with my family and friends to relieve stress. I love hanging with my two-year-old nephew.  He always brings a good laugh, and it’s hard to be stressed when he is giggling.”

Ana Carroll, Orange Legal Marketing Director

“I like working out at the gym or going to my boot camp classes after work because it helps to get my mind off of work and really relieves my stress.”

-Chelsea Emons, Orange Legal Digital Transcript Manager

“When I have a stressful day at work, I go home and immediately go out for a run or go to the gym.  It clears my mind and fatigues my body so I no longer feel tense.  If I am feeling lazy and don’t want to exercise, I spend time with my dog outside. The fresh air and her free spirit are always amazing stress relievers!”

Hope Walters, Orange Legal Human Resources Generalist

To relieve work-related stress or really stress of any kind, I have to either go on a walk to clear my head or chat with my cubby buddies about something not related to the task that is causing me stress. Talking with others always makes me feel better- I guess it is the extrovert in me!”

-Jamie Pellerin, Orange Legal Marketing Coordinator

Some sound advice from Lesly Montes, Miami Digital Reporter

“It seems that the term “relaxing” is almost always paired with a long nap or a nice glass of wine, two things that aren’t altogether acceptable in the workplace. Having recently discovered the power of aromatherapy, I’m here to advocate how great it can be in times of emotional mishap. Now, this doesn’t mean I’m lighting up an incense storm on my desk; but I do find that items such as candles, essential oils and homeopathic goodies have become increasingly popular in the workplace. Not only can they induce a feeling of serenity, but I’m positive you’ll thank me when someone mentions how delightful your natural scent is!

Aromatherapy necklaces will open like a locket and require one drop of essential oil on the leather pad inside.  My favorites are the therapeutic-grade lavender essential oil (also great for minor skin irritations and as a perfume substitute), Frankincense, Myrrh, and Lemon Balm. Bach Rescue Gum is a Natural Stress Relief Homeopathic Gum and comes in a great Orange and Elderflower flavor.

For some of you male readers, if candles aren’t really your thing, boy do I have a surprise for you.  With names like “MMM Bacon!” and “On Tap,” the makers of Yankee Candle have started a scent revolution and it smells like football season and your favorite shower gel! I dare you to give them a try!”