How to use Marketing Your Small Law Firm

How to Market Your Small Law Firm

How to Market Your Small Law Firm

The legal market is saturated, and everyone is marketing the same things, the same ways. No matter where you go, there are advertisements for personal injury attorneys, bankruptcy attorneys, housing attorneys — CALL TODAY FOR A FREE CASE EVALUATION! NO FEES UNLESS YOU WIN!

And those are just the advertisements on a bus or billboard. What about online, which is essentially the Wild West of marketing? Pop-ups, banners, direct emails… What’s the best way to get to your client? How can you be seen in the sea of other faces?

Today, a law firm must have some understanding of SEO (search engine optimization) and a presentable website in order to get ahead. To bring your law firm to the famous “First Page of Google,” there are a few steps you should take.

Don’t try to join the conversation

This is another way of saying “find a niche.” If you are one of a thousand web pages talking about the ways to file a claim after being injured in a car accident, what is going to help you stand out? The best way to bring your law firm to the First Page is to latch onto a subject that is up and coming, but hasn’t been saturated yet. Perhaps a new law is being put into effect in your state, and people are going to be curious.

This takes a certain amount of forecasting, but the great thing about being an attorney is that you will be ahead of any public announcements by the media. You will know what to watch and what laws are being debated. A great area right now is medical marijuana and how states are debating recreational marijuana. Clients are being caught in the crossfire as law enforcement tries to sort through new regulations. This type of attorney is very hot right now, and clients are searching online for answers to their questions. Make sure your web page is what they find.

Update your blog regularly

This keeps your page fresh and constantly moving up the SEO ladder. It shows potential clients that you are alive and well, discussing topical issues and offering your thoughts. By updating on a more frequent basis, search engine will crawl through the new posts and use that information to push your website up in the rankings.

Keep track of your marketing efforts

When you get new clients, ask them how they found you. If they say online or via your blog, you can use that information to see how fruitful your CMS (content management system) is. You can also use it to tweak your strategy if necessary.

Marketing online is different than what most firms are used to, but that doesn’t mean it should be intimidating or overwhelming. Asking one employee to blog each week on interesting issues is not a tremendous investment of time, either. By doing so, you will keep pushing your website up in the rankings and allow more clients to find you.