How to Workout at Work


Workout at Work

Good day everyone, and welcome to the Orange Legal Show! I am your host Claude Eastwood, a/k/a The Hollywood Stud (audience is clapping), and today’s topic is “How to Work Out at Work.” It is possible, ladies and gentlemen! Some people don’t have the time to work out before or after work, so today we are going to discuss several ways to get you lean, mean, and a fit cubicle machine!


Let’s first start off with stretching ladies and gentlemen. This is a great way to wake yourself up in the morning, besides your morning cup of coffee. Get them spirit fingers wiggling and ready to set a new personal record for words per minute on that keyboard (you paralegals know what I’m talking about)! It’s all about getting the blood pumping and stretching those tight muscle fibers that you created while sitting and staring at the screen all day. Throughout the day you position your body into a haggard chair that creates a stressful fixed position, so getting up and stretching each body part is the first step to getting that body you desire.


Now that you have loosened up the mind and body, let’s build some muscle! There are several muscle building objects in front of you including one which we call a stapler or the office dumbbell. Pick that bad boy up and begin curling. I want you to challenge yourself to do 4 sets of 100 reps each day. Make sure you are really concentrating the muscle, so that when your coworkers look over they can see that determination to win best office body of the year. You will turn those water pistols into guns in no time!

Still praying for calves? We have you covered! Take those heels or shoes off (have Lysol can in reaching distance) and in your seat begin to perform a tippy toe motion). We want your knees hitting the keyboard tray people. Make sure you are squeezing your calve muscles at the top, again creating blood flow through the calves. Now look at you, walking around with tickets to the gun show and diamond cut calves your coworkers are definitely going to be stealing your Lean Cuisines!

Have you ever heard the expression, “Pants don’t lie”? Well, they don’t ladies and gentlemen. With that being said, I want you to grab a handful of paper clips and throw them down the hall, leaving them scattered on the floor.  Time to get up out of that heated seat of yours and lunge over to where the paper clips are and begin squatting to pick up each paper clip individually. With the handful of paper clips, you should be performing around 100 squats, which should help your pants fit a little better!

In conclusion, there is always time and creative ways to get a work out at work. Using your lunch break is a great time to go outside and walk around and get your fitness on. Also, a secret tip to shaving off belly fat is to laugh. Who doesn’t like to laugh? It helps to create and define your upper abs! Incorporating these exercises into to your daily work routine will not alone relieve stress physically, but also mentally. Again, be careful performing these exercises to where others will be jealous because suddenly your stapler and paper clips will disappear. That’s going to wrap it up for today’s episode on, “How to work out at work.” Make sure you stay tuned for next month’s episode where I will be discussing “How to get the proper nutrition in your diet, and why you are not seeing the results you desire.” Stay fit America.

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