Lead with Love.

Do you watch the reality TV series Undercover Boss on CBS? For those of you who don’t, I will catch you up to speed. Undercover Boss puts an executive team member undercover at their own company to see the true operations and inner workings of their corporation. At the end of each episode, the executive team member reveals him or herself to the employees they shadowed on the job; and depending on the situation, the employee is reprimanded, fired, promoted or in most cases given a very generous gift for their hard work.

After Herschend Family Entertainment’s (HFE) current president and CEO, Joel Manby, was featured on Undercover Boss, he received a plethora of emails, letters and even resumes due to the company’s good business ethics and his generous giving at the end of the episode. The overwhelming responses he received made Manby realize that there is a true need for a different kind of leadership, so he wrote a book based on leading with love called Love Works. Too many companies are too focused on rewarding or reprimanding employees based solely on performance and numbers. At HFE they have found the difference between profit and people. They are not based on just performance, but instead are focused on the well-being of their employees.

The book discusses the 7 principles of leading with love:

  1. Be Patient: Have Self-Control in Difficult Situations.

Use patience and respect when correcting and training employees. Show them they are respected and valued.

  1. Be Kind: Show Encouragement and Enthusiasm

Use the 3-to-1 rule. For every 1 admonishment, say 3 praises. Leading with love creates an environment where employees can deliver the best performance and experience for the clients. If they are treated well, the clients will be treated well.

  1. Be Trustful: Place Confidence in Someone

Let your team become involved in the decision-making process. When they feel as though they had a part in the decision at hand, they are more apt to buy into it and make it happen.

  1. Be Unselfish: Think of Yourself Less

As a leader, you have the power to give your time, resources and tasks to your employees. Giving tasks may sound selfish, but you are proving that you trust your employees enough to complete their duties and make decisions by themselves. You are giving them the power and the respect they deserve.

  1. Be Truthful: Define Reality Corporately and Individually

You have an amazing gift as a leader to help your employees excel and move up within the company. The best way to help them succeed is by providing honest feedback on how they can improve in their role and by providing the tools they need to get them to the next level.

  1. Be Forgiving: Release the Grip of Grudge

Forgiving someone is very challenging and trying at times, but holding a grudge takes a lot more energy and effort. Giving forgiveness is not easy, but it is the right thing to do.

  1. Be Dedicated: Stick to Your Values in All Circumstances

Stick with it. It is a different way of thinking and doing, but it will be worthwhile.

What kind of leader are you? Do you lead with love? It is not too late in your career to start. Your entire company may not be onboard, but you have the opportunity to become a more effective leader. Start by taking 10 minutes out of your morning to think of good deeds you saw the day before and write personalized notes to individuals who exuded good behavior. Small steps can lead to big change. Make the switch. Lead with love.

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