How Legal Video Can Help Win Cases

When taking a deposition, you can see a lot of things that a court transcript would not reflect.

Let us take a moment to examine this together. Here is a simulated deposition of Andy, a scruffy man who lived in a pit — it was supposed to be a town playground, but bureaucracy was holding up expansion of the project. Andy had been thrown out of the house by his girlfriend, so he took the opportunity to pitch a tent in the pit, where nobody could see him.

Until someone from the Department of Parks and Recreation noticed he was living there and had him arrested for trespassing, loitering, and other misdemeanors.

“Andy,” the opposing attorney asked during his deposition later on in the process, “how long were you living in the pit?”

In his chair, Andy squirmed. He looked at his own lawyer for advice and then stared down at the table for the better part of a minute. Everyone waited. Finally, he mumbled, “I mean, technically? It was a transitory period.”

On a transcript record, all a jury would hear is “I mean, technically? It was a transitory period.” They would not see Andy squirm. They wouldn’t hear the minute of dead quiet. They would not see his intense discomfort or his silent pleading to his lawyer for help.

This is how a video deposition can help you win cases.

Using a company like Orange Legal can also help to take the weight off of wondering how to do it right. We know the relevant rules of civil procedure, both federally and in Florida, and can meet you anywhere.

We offer:

● Video depositions
● Picture in picture (PIP)
● Day-in-the-life and settlement videos
● Inspection
● Video synchronization
● Video editing
● Video wills, medical examinations, 3D animation, reenactments, and more!

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