Is Legal Video Worth the Drama?

Video offers something that a court reporter, no matter how well-versed or how qualified in Shakespearean theater, just cannot.


Take, for instance, the case of O.J. Simpson. Everyone’s heard about this case ad nauseum, so think back to the moment when he tried on the murderer’s glove in front of the jury. Everyone was waiting with bated breath for the glove to fit. Everyone was desperate for that glove to fit, for Juice to be the killer. But he stood there and struggled, trying (just a little too hard, some would say) to pull the glove on.

You don’t get that from a court transcript. What you’d see instead would be the prosecutor’s request for O.J. to try on the glove, maybe an action item stating that O.J. did so, and then nothing. You wouldn’t see any of the dramatic theater occurring in the courtroom.

Even on a smaller scale, having these for depositions (which eventually fuel trials) are extremely necessary so that jurors have the full picture.

How Orange Legal Can Help

Orange Legal offers many video products that can also help you achieve this sense of the dramatic in the courtroom. “PIP” technology, or Picture in Picture, allows for more than your standard “head in the box” video deposition. This lets you show both the witness and any exhibits simultaneously. Unlike other companies, we never cut the witness’s video, so his or her statement stays intact and the integrity of the testimony isn’t harmed.

Meanwhile, videos offer jurors the perfect way to jump into another person’s shoes and live that life for a brief time, experiencing someone else’s pain, heartache, and difficulties. These documentary-style videos are the ideal way to illustrate challenges you face. These are great for opening statements in trials, settlements, and mediations.

Orange Legal offers other helpful video services as well, which will allow a jury to truly judge for themselves:

  • Video synchronization
    Sync your transcript with your video, much like captioning. Highlight important phrases in the testimony and make video clips to be emailed or imported into your trial software.
  • Inspections
    Video footage can capture necessary evidence behind slip-and-falls, home inspections, automotive damage, or any other type of inspections.
  • Video editing
    Whether you need redactions, video enhancements, still images pulled from video, or designations, just let us know.
  • Other services
    • Video enhancements
    • Medical exams
    • 3D animation and renderings
    • Timelapse multicamera seminars and lectures
    • Construction documentation
    • Video wills, prenuptials, and adoption signing
    • Reenactments

Video services allow for a close-up portrait that transcript testimony doesn’t show. If you’re interested in video testimony, contact Orange Legal today to get started!