Mental health, stress at work

Mental Wellness in the Legal Industry

Mental health, stress at workThe legal profession is stressful! Crushing deadlines, frustrating depositions, and copious amounts of paperwork can burn out even the brightest of attorneys. Sadly, some stressors are only recognized after an overdose, suicide attempt, or death of a colleague.

To combat this dangerous trend, the Florida Bar Association’s Special Committee on Mental Health and Wellness is addressing this issue with a focus on the mental wellness of those in the legal industry.

The Special Committee’s focus is to:

1) Destigmatize mental illness in the legal community (lawyers and judges)

2) Educate employers, judges, and lawyers how to identify and address mental health issues in the legal community and create “best practices” to treat them

3) Educate lawyers about the benefits of balancing personal life and career obligations

4) Provide wellness programs and healthy strategies for coping with stressors to enhance the mental health and wellness of Florida lawyers

5) Create a special interdisciplinary committee to study and improve the Florida Bar’s rules related to mental health and wellness of Florida lawyers

6) Ensure that Florida Bar members (including judges) are aware of mental health issues and can access services as needed.

Orange Legal was privileged to participate in a community conversation about this topic in Tampa last year.  Orange Legal regional account managers moderated a panel of experts in the field of mental wellness.  Conversations centered around this sensitive topic that ultimately resulted in a coordinated program of health and wellness opportunities for Bar members.

For resources and to learn how to get help, visit The Florida Bar Association’s Mental Health and Wellness Center at