Say “No” To Holiday Stress

Stores are already starting to output seasonal commercials for the holiday season. This can be overwhelming to the average person who has not yet prepared for this time of year! Although fall and winter bring holidays that are full of joy, it can also come with stress to many people. Instead of stressing, you should be spending time with friends and family! Here are some ways to celebrate the holidays stress-free.

Make Lists

You don’t have to check this twice! But, making a list of what all you need to do is a great start. Think about for what you are preparing. Thanksgiving is coming up soon and this takes a lot of preparation. Try to list everything you may need. You may want to ask your guests what type of dish they would like, then, see which ingredients you already have. Make a list of what you need and head to the store!

Think About Timing

Certain items cannot be purchased weeks in advance, so you may need to plan when to shop for some products. You may even wait to buy something for when you know a sale will go on. This is already seen around the nation when people go Black Friday shopping or Cyber Monday shopping for winter holidays. To plan when you want to purchase a product, think about when the best time is to buy and then write that day down in your calendar.

Don’t Go Overboard

Holidays are a time for giving but this does not mean you have to purchase a bunch of gifts for your friends and family. Instead, keep it simple and consider other options! Some great gift ideas include baking a batch of cookies, getting a personalized gift card, give a handwritten letter, or simply spending the day with someone close. All of these gifts are personal and show a loved one how much you care.

Stop Volunteering For Everything

It is easy to want to help and spread joy during this time of year, however, you should consider saying ‘no’ every now and then. Don’t stretch yourself thin if you already have way too much to do. Remember to maintain a healthy lifestyle while still getting your holiday errands done. If you want to volunteer for a job, you could also try to delegate some smaller tasks to other willing people. Everyone likes to give, just remember to only give that which you are able.

Go Tech-Free

Sometimes we see advertisements or commercials that set higher expectations on gift-giving and how holidays should be. It may be a good idea to reduce television time and to put your phone down as they may be contributing to more stress. This will also allow you to enjoy more time with friends and family which is always worth your time!

These five tips may help reduce or even eliminate stress during your busy holiday season. It’s a good idea to remember exactly why we have some of these holidays, to spend time with those you care about most! Enjoy laughs and love and try not to stress. Don’t forget, the new year is right around the corner as well!