Orange Gives Back

In an effort to support NCRA’s Court Reporting & Captioning Week, Jill Percy, Reporter Manager of Orange Legal, shared what it takes to be a court reporter with the Legal Studies Department of East River High School. Her goal was to intrigue students and educate them about a career in court reporting. When asked, less than one student per class knew what a court reporter was and none of them knew of the need, flexibility and income potential of becoming a court reporter.

They were fascinated as Jill’s fingers flew over her keys capturing the conversations of those students standing around her machine. They tried to stump her by saying the last names of Yuengling, Garthlaub and McFerran.

Logan Harrison enjoyed Jill’s sense of humor and seeing how quickly she was able to translate every word they threw at her.  He was very impressed with the potential earnings and the flexible schedule.

“It was very informational and entertaining. A lot of the students were very interested and focused on the presentation.” –Logan Harrison

Learn more about the presentation by following us on social media or contact us for more information. Interested in reporting for Orange Legal? Click here, send Jill Percy an email or call (800) 275-7991.