Orange Legal Steps It Up

Healthy and happy employees is a priority for Orlando-based litigation support company Orange Legal. As a kick off to the New Year, Orange Legal held a Step It Up Challenge in which employees volunteered to record their steps. Cassandra Schaefer, who tracked almost 100,000 steps in two weeks said she participated because “I love friendly competition, and I genuinely was curious to see how much and how far I actually walk during the day.” Cassandra was joined by 20 other employees who tracked nearly 2 million steps or just under 1,000 miles in two weeks. Everyone who participated had their own personal motivations. Natasha Bromley decided to participate “as a motivation to lose weight… I really liked seeing how everyone was doing each day on the TV

Paul Smith, Orange Legal Videographer

Paul Smith, Orange Legal Videographer


Paul Smith, Miami Office Manager, won the competition recording 171,692 steps in two weeks. “The competition was fun… I felt great when it was all over. Being more active gives you more energy” said Paul Smith.

The Step It Up Challenge was just one of numerous events Orange Legal held during its wellness month. These events included a yoga class, stress and nutrition seminar, and a health food potluck. Many of Orange Legal’s employees took away more than just physical health benefits. “My favorite part was having the personal conversations and talking to people in the office about it; it was a good conversation starter” said Cassandra Schaefer.

Orange Legal believes that the more engaged and supported their employees are the better service and products they will provide to their customers. “It is important for companies to promote physical wellness, especially in a high-stress industry like ours. Physical and mental wellness leads to happier, healthier employees” said Hope Walters, who was the event organizer.

Great job, Paul! We are all proud of you and your continued success! To learn more about living a healthy lifestyle, read through our blog! To schedule with Orange Legal, click here, give us a call at (800) 275-7991, or contact us online. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page for more Orange Legal updates!