Orange Online: Convenience Reimagined

We keep our stuff in so many different places. This means, at our core, that we are disorganized people. There are hard paper files for clients sitting on our desks, digital files on our computers, copies in our emails, others on our phones, a shared drive in the office, loose papers strewn around…

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a central repository for everything? A clean, organized receptacle for your files? A central calendar that showed every case, every deadline, every statute of limitation?

Lucky for you, there is one.

For those of you who don’t know Orange Online, welcome to the better way to handle court reporting and legal services.

What is Orange Online?

Orange Online is a secure online repository that keeps your records safe and is accessible to you from any wireless-connected location. Once registered, Orange Legal clients can access their transcripts, invoices, exhibits and calendar at any time. Clients can also visit the app store and download the Orange-on-the-Go app so they can view their repository from anywhere. That means you can go to the cafeteria, order a ham sandwich, and view your client’s records while eating.

Meanwhile, you can order anything you need right through the system because it’s all in one place. For example, your transcript order will include a copy of the original transcript, a condensed version, a certified copy of the original, and all related to exhibits hyperlinked in PDF. Instead of having that mess in your office that makes your paralegal hyperventilate, now you’ll have a clean set of tabs on your internet browser that have PDF links for you that all make perfect sense.

The calendar shows every case you have with our company, including all connected exhibits and transcripts. Anyone who works in the legal system knows how long that takes to get into one place. The system is constantly refreshed, so everything is up-to-the-minute. Cross-referencing is a breeze because things can be pared down by name, date, case type and more.

If you need to handle an invoice, you can search by time frame and by job; and the program will bring up every outstanding invoice related to that specific transaction. You can also pay any bill right through the system itself.

Here is an introductory video that explains the highlights of the Orange Online system. If you feel that you’ve learned all you need to know, click here to register!