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The heart and owner of Orange Legal is Bobbie Barrett. Having been a reporter for 25 years, Bobbie knows what it feels like to stay up all night working on a transcript while juggling the demands of having a family. Her compassion and understanding of what it takes to be a great reporter has been passed down and integrated into the training of every employee. Employees are reminded frequently that our reporters are the face of Orange Legal and it is our responsibility to make sure it is a happy one, since they are the ones interacting with our clients. Bobbie has extremely high standards and expects every reporter to provide top-notch service at every level. She is a people pleaser and will personally do anything it takes to ensure those we serve receive only the best.
Bobbie created a position for Jill Percy, a former stenographer and director of a well-known court reporting school, to represent the reporters. Jill is here as a mentor to encourage and educate reporters, as she understands the pressure and stress it takes to capture every word and what it takes to produce an accurate, high-quality transcript. Jill represents the voice of reporters when it comes to negotiating rates, exhibit management and situations that commonly occur in litigation. She ensures reporters receive the time off they need to stay fresh and excellent and consistently reminds our team to bend over backwards for our reporters.
Taking that first big job can be overwhelming if you don’t have the right tools. Our specialty is walking new reporters through those terrifying moments providing support and assistance along the way. Our team has the experience and encouragement you need to build your confidence and help you make it to the next level. Our staff is trained to answer the tough questions you face. They’re here to guide you through text messaging, email, phone or in person when you’re on the job and need it most.

Orange Legal has a great reputation throughout the legal community. We are known for our service excellence, which can be attributed to recruiting the best reporters. As independent contractors, you’re encouraged to work with multiple court reporting agencies and should be given the freedom to create your own schedule, turn down assignments and negotiate rates. Orange Legal makes it difficult to say no as we’re already thinking of you when we make the decisions that will impact you the most!
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