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Paws in the Park 2016

What is it like to rescue an animal?  I grew up in a home of adopted Boxers.  We adopted a few over the years from various animal shelters.  Dad didn’t mind if they were young or old.  In his mind, they all needed a family and would fill our home with love and protection.  As I grew older and started a family, I longed to adopt a Boxer for my kids.  Rather than seeking out a breeder, I checked some dog profiles on the site for Florida Boxer Rescue.

I saw the profile for Cricket who was a five year “young” girl and friendly with cats which was a prerequisite for our ten year old kitty.  Cricket had been discarded and forgotten after she wasn’t able to produce more puppies as a breeder dog.  She was gentle, house trained and very well behaved.  After a painful treatment for heart worms, Cricket was finally able to join our home.  When she did, my kids adored her and showered her with love and affection.  In return, she loved them back and watched over them.

Cleo - Orange Legal Blog

After many years of love and loyalty, Cricket passed over the rainbow bridge leaving us heartbroken.  After a brief period of mourning, we started reviewing profiles on Florida Boxer Rescue.  It wasn’t long before Cleo caught our attention with her sweet eyes and sad story.  Her previous family surrendered her to Florida Boxer Rescue because they didn’t have the financial means to care for her skin condition – Demodex Mange.  We nursed her back to health, and she still shows her appreciation every day.

Rescue animals seem to know exactly how lucky they are to be in a loving home.  They return the favor in many ways.  Many people buy pets from pet stores and local breeders because they want a young dog to train.  I would encourage anyone with this thought to start at a shelter.  There are many types of pets sitting in shelters that need foster centers to help them find their future home.  Most of these animals are already house trained, and they come in many different shapes, sizes and ages.  The benefits of adopting include saving a life, fighting back against puppy mills and getting a great pet!  The bottom line is, it feels AMAZING to adopt an animal that needs a home!!

We need your help to raise $500 to go toward a better home for animals like Cricket, Cleo and other wonderful and fun-loving animals around Central Florida. Donate today to ensure you are helping animals like them. Click the button below to help pets in the Central Florida area have a happier and healthier life.

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Credit: Christine Harrison, Senior Business Operations Manager, Orange Legal