Perks of Scheduling With Us

Given the intensity and demands of the legal profession, here at Orange we want to make your life easier!  Need more reasons to schedule with us? Take a peak at just some of the benefits of scheduling at one of our luxurious facilities!

  • Orange Legal offers a full suite of legal services. We offer process service, court reporting, interpreting, videography, video conferencing, eDiscovery, trial technology, legal staffing and much more!
  • We have 5 fully-staffed offices: Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami
  • We have 100+ remote locations for any of your location needs.
  • Take advantage of our main office in Orlando because there are so many added benefits, with the biggest one being ME! It is also equipped with a luxurious lounge, the latest video conferencing equipment and fresh baked cookies, of course! Our Orlando office also has a free Keurig and a soda fountain to help quench your thirst during those long depositions!
  • At any of our staffed locations, you will find an array of beverages and free snacks!  If you have a special request, please do not hesitate to let us know!
  • Our locations have receptionists like myself, who are always willing to go the extra mile for you! If you need a notice to be printed in a minute’s notice, we will have it printed in 30 seconds- BAM!
  • Exclusive parking at our Orange Legal offices- it’s just for you!
  • Our schedulers are detail-oriented to ensure every specific need is covered. Please advise us if there is ever anything we can do to enhance your experience.



It is our goal here at Orange to exceed your expectations by providing only the very best products and services.  We can cover virtually anything in the world!  We are confident to always have you covered.


Nicole Ward, a/k/a the Face of Orange Legal


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