The Power of Legal Video in Your Case

How Legal Video Helps Lawyers Win Jurors

Question: Is it standard protocol to inform your superior officer when an inmate has injured himself during transport?

Answer: That depends.

Those words would be presented to the jury in the form of a transcript, read by a court reporter who probably hasn’t taken a dramatic reading class and would not be allowed to inject any sort of feeling into her performance.

Show that transcript as a video, though? Then you would see the officer squirming in his chair during questioning. You would see him looking for a way out. Any way out. He’s uncomfortable. He knows that something is wrong, and he wants to get out of there as soon as possible. That is the power of video.

Now lawyers have that power. Like film directors, attorneys can now work with opposing counsel to schedule video depositions to play for juries, which provide many advantages:

“This is nearly always a good idea. [A video deposition] reduces cost, minimizes big guy/big budget claims from the opposition …. and the court usually smiles on these arrangements.”

— Robert L. Featherly, Litigation Insights

But What About the cost?

Let’s say you need to coordinate a deposition for someone who is not in the state. That is going to be quite expensive. You will need to figure out how to get there, how to bring a court reporter, how to bring opposing counsel, how to figure out travel arrangements, and so on. By simply coordinating with opposing counsel during pretrial hearings and using a videotaped deposition instead, these costs can be brought down. This is where the power of legal video comes into play.

Orange Legal understands that those facial expressions are extremely important and can win cases. It is the unspoken body language, the subtle cues of discomfort, that make or break a case. In a transcript, you would not be able to tell which question had what body language, but a video can tell you that even the most innocuous question made a person uncomfortable.

Show Them the Truth

This is why Orange Legal offers more than just “head in the box” videos. With “Picture in Picture” technology, viewers can see exhibits and the witness simultaneously. The video is never cut, so the integrity of the exhibits is maintained. Additionally, Orange Legal has “Day in the Life” videos, which show jurors exactly what a plaintiff has had to suffer through, taking them on a journey through their difficulties in a way that simply talking about it cannot convey.

If you are ready to start the camera rolling, contact Orange Legal today!