Orange Legal Guest Presentation

Julie Donnelly is an internationally recognized expert specializing in the treatment of chronic low back, hip pain, and sciatica. Her expertise of the muscular component of muscle pain and how to treat the source of the problem has helped over a million people across the globe. Julie is a Continuing Education Provider for a number of governing boards, including the National Court Reporters Association.

Julie’s experience working with clients of many different industries was what caught Orange Legal’s attention and led to us requesting her presence during National Court Reporting & Captioning Week. Julie spent Wednesday afternoon working with Orange Legal’s reporters and teaching them how to take care of their body in a profession that can become physically demanding.image2

“I have been in intense pain from repetitive motions over time…After using her system for an hour I already feel immediate pain relief” -Gail

Julie is offering her system to the Orange Legal reporters at a discounted rate of $207.00.  The offer can be found on her website, by clicking here and entering the private discount code: ORANGEBONUS.  This code takes $306.85 off the original package cost of $513.85.  Julie is very confident that the products will resolve the pain issues that are so common for court reporters.

Anyone who is interested can email Julie for more information. For details on her presentation for Orange Legal, email Jill Percy. Be sure to follow us on social media for more updates and information on Orange Legal events!