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When Simple Process Service Isn’t Enough

Process Service - Investigative ServicesProcess service seems pretty cut and dry. You go to the person being served and hand them the papers. But what else can you do when some defendants don’t want to be found? Who wants to face the music, after all? This can present several obstacles, and if you’re not ready and prepared for them, they can unnecessarily delay the proceedings. How can you find them in a timely fashion? Are you supposed to find every address they’ve ever held and follow their path across the country? You don’t have those kinds of resources. How do you find them at all? Is hiring private investigative services going to be too expensive? This is when you need to work with a company that can offer more support for your process service needs.


When Process Service Includes Investigative Services

Orange Legal provides in-depth process service, including investigative services, skip trace, background searches, and more. We make sure that we do everything possible to find that person, because no one likes legal delays. But what exactly does this mean, and how do we find them? There are several tried-and-true methods to locate a flighty defendant.

Basic and Comprehensive Skip Traces

“Skip Tracing” is the art of locating people who would rather not be located (IE, the defendant is “skipping town”). If a Basic Skip Trace isn’t enough, then a Comprehensive Skip Trace conducted by a private investigator may be necessary. This includes searching mail forwarding information and cross-referencing data among multiple databases. This helps to provide the most up-to-date and accurate location. Some skip tracers even use predictive modeling methods and analytics to zero in on a defendant’s whereabouts. A good investigator will also provide a client with an Affidavit of Diligent Search, which validates what has been done to find this specific person.

Background Searches

This involves everything from running vehicle tag numbers and Social Security Numbers to conducting asset searches and military skip traces. Because private investigators have access to these resources, the search will be faster and more efficient than it would if you worked alone.

The Stake-Out

We’ve all seen them on TV when a police officer or private investigator will sit outside of a house in an unassuming, unmarked car, and just wait for the person to show themselves. These are also referred to as “sit and waits” for that very reason, with the investigator camping out in the most likely place and watching until the defendant returns.


So Why Hire Professionals?

By cultivating relationships with process servers across the globe, investigators can use this web of resources to ensnare a defendant. By saving yourself the time of locating the defendant yourself, you can apply that energy to more conducive pursuits — like preparing your case. Orange Legal has those relationships and resources. We have services and coverage all around the world, so no place is too far. Wherever your case (or your defendant) takes you, we’ll always be there to bring the legal support you need.


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