Realtime Reporting: An Instantaneous Testimony

Upgrading to realtime can give you the upper hand in a legal proceeding. With immediate access to the record, an attorney is given the ability to recall, highlight, annotate, and stream the live deposition. Since we have been providing realtime reporting for over 25 years, we have seen the advantages of realtime reporting in action. Let us help you discover what realtime is and why you need it.

As technology becomes more prevalent in the legal industry, it is critical to embrace technological advances that provide a strategic advantage. Realtime reporting is the combination of stenography and computer-aided transcription offered by a highly-trained reporter. These elite reporters have the ability to take down over 225 words per minute.

With the transcript being streamed live to your computer, tablet, or TV, parties can be located anywhere in the world while the deposition or hearing is being conducted. Whether you need a reporter locally or across the globe, realtime reporting can give you the strategic edge needed to win your case.

Our elite team of realtime reporters come equipped with a mobile production unit and can produce instant transcripts. Once you’ve experienced the strategic edge realtime gives you, you’ll wish you’d done it sooner.  It’s just like closed-captioning on television, except it comes right to your laptop or iPad.  You can highlight a word in yellow just by putting your finger on it.  It’s just that easy!

We have witnessed our clients embrace realtime reporting. The results are amazing. They became frontrunners in the legal industry, increasing their visibility within their own community and throughout the country.  They won more cases. They made their clients happy. They were hired more often.

We asked one of our clients why he uses realtime, and this is how he responded, word for word:  “I became a believer when you showed me how simple it was.  When I was deposing an expert, I wanted to remember what the expert said when he was avoiding answering; and I had it right there.  Realtime did not distract me. It made my concentration better because I didn’t have to worry about notes. Then, in trial, the expert could not escape me.  Plus, it impresses the jury when you stand up with the iPad and you have their actual testimony – no wiggle room. You hold the witness accountable on the spot.”

Realtime Benefits:

  • Immediate electronic viewing of transcript
  • Roughs available immediately
  • Reduces travel expenses by streaming to experts and co-counsel
  • Impeach witness testimony
  • Immediate annotation capabilities
  • Index and organize the testimony as it proceeds
  • Highlight and make notes to help pick your jury

You don’t need to have a large or complex case to enjoy the benefits of realtime. Win more cases.  Increase your income.  Wow more clients. You’ll be glad you did.

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