Remaining Questions from Miss Universe 2015 ‘Miss’take

Steve Harvey’s mistake on Sunday night’s Miss Universe 2015 immediately went viral. If you haven’t seen the video yet, here it is:

After the video went viral, there are still so many remaining questions about how something like this could happen. We compiled a list of some very interesting questions and our thoughts behind the mishap.

  1. First of all, will this impact Steve Harvey in any way?   Honestly, probably not. This situation, no matter how embarrassing for all parties involved, will more than likely blow over in the next few months. Steve Harvey is a comedian, he hosts multiple shows, and he is an all-around charismatic guy. I don’t see how this could affect his future in any way other than the possibility that he might not host next year’s Miss Universe competition.
  2. Wasn’t there a teleprompter telling Steve Harvey what to say?   According to sources, there was, in fact, a teleprompter announcing Miss Philippines as the winner, which was discovered in a snapchat of the debacle, leading many to believe the entire situation to be staged. Steve Harvey claimed he misspoke and that Miss Philippines was the real winner after claiming Miss Colombia to be the winner. According to a Miss Universe judge, that simply isn’t true: “Well, there is a prompter, but the moment where he crowns the winner isn’t on the prompter because that moment they don’t want the other girls to know,” he explained, “so it was just on his card, and he read it incorrectly.”
  3. Was it all a publicity stunt? If so, who knew of the stunt beforehand?   Leading from question #2, many people are claiming this was a publicity stunt. From the confusion of the teleprompter and the card to the conflicting stories from numerous stories, we have no solid evidence claiming this was a publicity stunt; however, there is no evidence claiming it was not. If it was a publicity stunt, who knew beforehand? Although we may never know, it is interesting to question whether Steve Harvey knew or if he was just as confused as Miss Colombia…
  4. How has this mistake affected Miss Colombia?   Most people would assume she is a bit mortified. On the contrary, People Magazine reports that she is actually alright. She will be addressing the situation after the holiday season when she is back in Colombia.
  5. Does Miss Colombia have legal claims?   All things considered, she has very little, if any, chance at a lawsuit. All evidence points to the fact that she is the victim of a careless mistake that was corrected shortly after, although some may argue the contrary. Although it makes for an interesting question, it is highly unlikely this will become an actual lawsuit.


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