Save Money by Investing in a Trial Technician

Save Money by Investing in a Trial Technician

All too often I hear concerns regarding the price for trial technicians. It’s usually the same, distaste for having to spend hundreds of dollars for trial support when they aren’t sure they’ll win the case, meaning more out of pocket. Yes, trial technicians can cost hundreds; but just yesterday I saved a client thousands.

The trial was underway at the Orange County Courthouse in the heart of Downtown Orlando. We had an M.D. — let’s call him Dr. Smith — coming to testify from South Florida. Considering that’s a minimum of six hours on the road plus at least one hour for testifying time, the doctor was going to be charging for a full day, which came out to around $10,000 with all expenses included.

What we did instead was have a laptop with a webcam delivered to Dr. Smith’s office by a notary. The notary swore him in, since Florida Law states that to be sworn the notary has to be present with the witness; and the doctor appeared via video conference. Over in Orlando, I set up another laptop on the attorney’s podium to be displayed to the courtroom through a projector. So both plaintiff and defense were able to question Dr. Smith and have him seen by the jury. Dr. Smith spent around 90 minutes on the video conference, after which we had a recess for ten minutes while I packed up the projector and laptop.

Dr. Smith’s invoice, along with the bills for the trial technician and court reporter, all came out to less than a third of the original price to have Dr. Smith spend a day dedicated to this trial. This saved the headache of scheduling the doctor to come up for the day while saving money and significantly lowering the amounts billed from the doctor.

So yes, trial technology costs money; but it’s an investment that will easily save you much more.

Written by Julian Perez, Orange Legal Video Coordinator & Trial Technician